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Riverfront Trail Progress

The construction on the riverfront trail connection is well underway.  Pedestrians and cyclists will have access to the water all the way to Point State Park.What a spectacular addition to the city! Take a look at the picture posted by Riverlife.

mon wharf


Here’s the link for more information on the project. http://riverlifepgh.org/riverfront-guide/mon-wharf-switchback/


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Note to Millenials: Consider Owning A Home in Pittsburgh


In a recent article, Time magazine states a Bloomberg report showing that a large number of first-time buyers are millennials making up half or more of home purchasers in U.S. cities. The same article names Pittsburgh as the fourth most millennial-friendly city in the U.S. Pittsburgh’s growth the last several years in the tech sector has played a major role. Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, two local universities have been providing technology talent to companies such as Google & Uber. In turn, the economic growth has been noticeable and buyers have taken notice of the affordability of home ownership in Pittsburgh. Affordability, job growth, culture, parks, a vibrant art scene, strong public schools and excellent medical care are several factors that have made Pittsburgh a top choice for millennials and first-time homebuyers.


International Day of Happiness + First Day of Spring = Great Day!

The first day of spring always makes me happy. This year, the first day of Spring also happens to be the International Day of Happiness. The perfect combination! Many of us have had brutal winters this year and in Pittsburgh, we have had way too many single digit temperatures and -0 days.  Even though we had a little blast of snow today, it’s the first day of spring which means summer is right around the corner-and THAT makes me extra happy. According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, happiness leads to greater levels of success. I recently attended one of his lectures and it was fascinating to listen to the statistics from studies that he has done which illustrate how our lives improve as we become more positive. I’ve attached a couple of pictures that make me happy whenever I see them. You can bet there will be a picture of the beach included!

Wine Country
Wine Country

Have a happy first day of spring! I’d love to hear what makes you happy.


2014 Annual Lawrenceville Artists’ Studio Tour

10th Annual Lawrenceville Artists’ Studio Tour

The Annual Lawrenceville Artists’ Studio Tour will be celebrating its 10th year this Saturday, November 8th. Spend the day conversing with on site artists about their work and creative process. Over 30 artists will be participating so if you enjoy talking art with the artists, this is the place to be. Plus it’s free! This event is always packed and it’s fun to see the amazing work of the artists but I live there and my daughter’s an artist so I’m a bit biased. Here’s the map & link for more info.

map of lawrenceville studio tour


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New Year and New Introduction to Downtown Pittsburgh

Hello, 2014!

The new year is a time when many of us plan for the future, make resolutions, & create goals. Right before the new year begins, many of us reflect on the past year and it’s safe to say that 2013 has been quite the memorable one for Pittsburgh. The city had a slew of exciting events from the Pittsburgh Pirates making it their first winning year since 1992, to the arrival of the giant 40ft rubber duckie in Pittsburgh.

It was also a year where Pittsburgh made the top 10 in a number a lists, including Livability’s Top 10 best places to retire.  You hear that, Florida?  Farmers Insurance Group also placed us in their 2013  list of the “Most Secure Places To Live In The U.S.” This recent post in the Huffington Post titled What Pittsburgh Can Teach The Rest Of The Country About Living Well certainly gives those of us living in Pittsburgh bragging ammo.

So do you think you want to make Pittsburgh home in 2014? After making that decision, which is absolutely a great one, the next step is choosing a neighborhood in this vibrant city.

That’s where I come in and am definitely ready to help!  There are several choices so let’s start in Downtown Pittsburgh, also known as the Golden Triangle.

Downtown Pittsburgh has undergone a huge renaissance in the past few years with increased housing options (sales & rentals) and new restaurants and shops. You can also walk to all of the major stadiums, Heinz Field, PNC Park & Consol Energy Center, to cheer on your favorite teams or enjoy the latest show. When it comes to housing, condos in downtown Pittsburgh are considered bargains when compared to other cities throughout the country and because downtown faces two rivers, you can find a condo that provides beautiful river views to enjoy when at home. Some of the condominium projects downtown include 151 First Side, Gateway Towers, Piatt Place, The Residences, The Carlyle, 941 Penn and Otto Milk. Downtown residents can also enjoy a number of perks such as discounted parking and new construction tax abatements. The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership website has loads of information and resources on downtown living. If this is the year where you will make Pittsburgh home and you need to discuss your options, just email, call or text me. Happy New Year!Lourdes MatamorosleavesUntitled-2

All photos taken and edited by Gianna Paniagua